Dental Restoration Periodontology

Wrangler Instruments Provide range of finest dental restoration, periodontology products.

The range includes Explorers – Sickle Probes, Periodontal Probes, Endodontic Instruments, Cotton Applicators, Mirrors and handles,  Dental Syringes,  Curettes,  Scalers,  Amalgam gun for retrograde, Amalgam Carriers, Composite Instruments, Cement Spatulas, Filling Instruments, Amalgam Carvers, Enamel Instruments,  Excavators,  Periodontal Chisels, Gengivectomy Knives, Double-ended Explorer, Double-ended Periodontal Probes, Cavity preparation instruments,Rubber-Dam Instruments, Rubber-Dam Clamp Forceps, Matrix Retainers and Matrix Bands, Wire Bending Pliers, Wire cutting pliers, Separating Pliers, Scissors, Utility Instruments, Ligating Instruments and accessories.

The Services we provide

Finest Quality Instruments
CE, FDA approved products
Assistance in logistic solution
Customization option available