Wrangler Instruments provides range of related instruments used in all types of surgeries.

This includes delicate scissors, operating scissors, vascular scissors, bandage scissors, tissue forceps, sponge and dressing forceps, hemostatic forceps, peritoneal clamp forceps, hysterectomy forceps, hemostatic forceps, atraumatic vessel clamps, intestinal clamps, uterine tenaculum forceps, fine artery forceps, vein stripper instruments, needle holders, retractors, lung spatulas, bulldog clamps, comedo extractors, wound and trachea retractors, nerve spatulas, scalpel handles, nerve root retractors, distractor for cervical vertebral column, elevators, nasal specula, tongue depressor, osteotomes hammer, gouges, sharp curettes, bone cutting forceps, wire cutting pliers, laminectomy rongeurs, tendon instruments, micro ear forceps, rhinology instruments, endocervical specula, vaginal specula, uterine dilators, sterilizing forceps, sction tubes, macro suction tubes, cleaning brushes for tubes, post mortem knives, dermatomes, knee retractors, capsule forceps and measuring instruments,

the services we provide

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