“Wrangler instruments is the name of Excellence for

Surgical tools and medical devices in Healthcare Industry.”

Being medical equipment manufacturer, our mission is to supply high quality medical instruments at competitive prices.

Our Vision

“To lead the way towards reliable and innovative surgical care”

Our Mission

“We work together every day to supply quality medical devices

to a diverse clientele globally while maintaining the best

management practices and redefining the

healthcare delivery.”

Services we Offer


Technical Support


Logistic Solutions

Research and Development

We, at Wrangler Instruments, value our R&D division. Our organization structure and communications are line to endorse innovation. Coordinated R&D activities at Wrangler Instruments not only help us meet unique partner requirements about hospital equipment but also assists us to introduce new market disrupting healthcare products.

About the company

Wrangler Instruments, located at the center of Sialkot, Pakistan, manufactures and supplies comprehensive range of the finest surgical instruments at competitive prices. The core purpose is to upgrade healthcare industry with high quality surgical and dental products.

Our surgical / medical devices and healthcare products are CE, FDA approved & our Quality Management System is reviewed and certified to the latest management standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Healthcare Products’ Quality Compliance is Guaranteed

Our Ratings

Delivery Performance


Quality Performance


Quality Documentation


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